Jordan sign up Sciento

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Jordan Grand Prix has signed up Scientio Inc., an artificial intelligence and data mining specialist, to assist the team in various problem-solving projects. Scientio specialises in software which will be used to analyse Jordan’s technical data in various ways and assist in understanding links and patterns between data sets.

The artificial intelligence technology employed can be applied with good effect to many areas of the team’s work - from pit stop strategies to aerodynamic data and in the future Jordan may use Scientio technology for optimising mechanical designs and to improve simulation driver models. The company’s technology includes: data mining techniques, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and software which learns optimum solutions to problems.

James Key, Jordan’s Head of Vehicle Science, said, "We welcome Scientio and its technology to Jordan and look forward to a prolific future partnership. There is a vast amount of data surrounding a Formula One car, most of which can be linked in some way. We believe Scientio’s expertise will prove extremely useful in assisting us with pulling this data together and understanding the car as a whole. We have already identified many projects with which Scientio’s assistance will be fundamental. The first project to be undertaken concerns an important area of performance which over time should reap some very interesting results."

Dr. Andy Edmonds, technical director, of Scientio, said, “We’re delighted to be working with Jordan; they have a refreshing and open attitude to technology. They’ve given us a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the benefits and performance of our products in one of the most challenging environments.”