Schumi wants to do better in Melbourne

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A few days before the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne, the third in the 2006 Formula 1 championship, Michael Schumacher has revealed that he is pleased with the Scuderia Ferrari's refound competitivity.

Michael Schumacher "I cannot wait for this race! Ferrari is competitive once again and the others will have to take us into consideration. It is a fantastic feeling and certainly much more than we could have hoped for after last season. I think that this is a relief both for the team and our fans alike. They suffered with us throughout a tough season but have remained faithful. It is a marvellous sensation knowing that we can give them hope for the weekend to come".

The seven-time world champion does not hide his enthusiasm for the facilities at the track where the Grand Prix of Australia will be held. The city circuit is rather anomalous owing to its long straights and fast curves. "As a city circuit, Albert Park is a scenic one and quite enjoyable to drive. It has also been improved from a safety point of view and this only increases my desire to dispute the race. In any case, I like this circuit and I expect a better result than that of Malaysia. Let's keep our fingers crossed!"

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