Business: FIA to partner with AlphaTauri

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On the eve of the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, AlphaTauri has announced that it will join forces with Formula One’s governing body as the fashion brand becomes FIA’s clothing partner as of 2024.

After Red Bull decided to change the identity and the name of its junior team, the AlphaTauri brand has disappeared after just three seasons from the sport. The Faenza-based outfit will compete with a new name in F1 as it will be referred to as the Visa Cash App RB outfit.

Red Bull's fashion brand, AlphaTauri has signed a contract with Formula One's governing body which will see all FIA staff wear cutting-edge clothing and accessories from the Austrian brand.

"Buckle up as we unveil a strategic collaboration that transcends the boundaries of motorsport and style, fueling a partnership that drives convenience and fashion to pole position. This collaboration not only redefines the wardrobe of the motorsport elite but also sets a new standard for style and convenience within the global motorsport community," read the statement.

Sharing his thoughts, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem added: "The FIA has always been a pioneer in leveraging technology and innovation to enhance the world of motorsport. Our partnership with AlphaTauri allows us to elevate style and convenience for our staff, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safety and success of motorsport events worldwide. AlphaTauri's innovative approach and dedication to fashion make them the perfect partner as we take this monumental step together."

Expanding on the new contract, CEO of AlphaTauri, Ahmet Mercan stated: "Becoming the Official Clothing Partner of the FIA is an exceptional opportunity for AlphaTauri to continue showcasing how innovation and technology can be seamlessly integrated into fashion. This partnership marks a significant step forward since we join the master body in the field of motorsport.

"We are proud to equip the FIA staff with our products that not only reflect our commitment to style but also our dedication to enhancing convenience through innovative designs. This collaboration is a proof of our shared vision and the unlimited possibilities it holds."