Are teams really eager to change points system?

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It has emerged recently that Formula One is considering a new points system for the future, which could make its way into the sporting regulation as early as 2025.

Currently, points are awarded to the first ten finishers, with 25 for a win, 18 for second, 15 for third, then 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 1 for the remaining finishers of the top ten; if a driver in the top ten scores the fastest lap, then they score an additional point.

Additionally, drivers can also score points in the sprint races with the winner receiving eight championship points, reducing by one point per place.

However, it has emerged in recent weeks that Formula One might change its points system as midfield teams often battle pointlessly for positions outside the top ten. One proposal would increase the point-scoring positions from ten to twelve, which would mean that two more drivers could gain points in races. At last weekend's Miami Grand Prix, it has even been

At a recent meeting, the change of the points system has been discussed, but F1 stakeholders and teams have opted to postpone the call on whether to make changes to the points system until later this year. However, it is still possible that the new system could take into effect as early as next season.

Asked what he thinks of the possible change, Visa RB team boss Laurent Mekies said: "Look, we think it's a good idea to increase the points distribution, mainly because there is no back markers anymore. We have 10 very strong teams. This year is a good example. We have a fantastic fight also in the second part of the grid, 10 cars fighting within one tenth, two tenths.

"And, you know, our pole position is P11 currently. Our win is P11. If nothing happened at the front, and the reliability of the guys at the front has been... extraordinary. So we think it's a fantastic fight. We want to explain it to the fans. We want to explain it to our partners and we think that points will help to give value to that P11, which today for us is a victory.

"So for sure we are supportive of an extension of the point system. Then know whether you go to P12, to P14, to whatever, we can discuss, but I think where the level of competitiveness of the teams is so high nowadays that the fight in the midfield, the fight at the back will also deserve some points."

Following a strong 2023 season when Williams scored points on a regular basis courtesy of Alexander Albon, the Grove-based outfit finds itself in a much more difficult season. The British squad is currently lacking outright pace, and has not shown any real strengths so far this season.

While its predecessor displayed impressive speed on tracks with long straights or full-throttle sections, the team's 2024 F1 car has lost this strength, and has not gained the increase of downforce in medium- and high-speed corners that the team hoped.

As a result of their current struggles, Williams have not scored any points so far in 2024. It is therefore not a surprise that team boss James Vowles would be in favour of expanding the points system.

"I think changing the points is sensible. Exactly that. There were just questions over where do we go? Is it P12, P14, P16? All cars, fundamentally. In terms of tuning it at the front, I think my conclusion from that is Verstappen won by winning the most races. It doesn't matter what you do. It would have still led to him winning championships.

"That's just a strength that they've come up with, the car and him, together as a package. But I think there's some sensible… It was a very good conversation at the F1 Commission around this where the room was pretty much united in let's do something that's good for the sport. However, let's take our time to get it right and do it once.

Aston Martin and McLaren are two of the five top teams that regularly score points in races this year. It means that they might be less interested in any changes, as their efforts are usually rewarded with points. However, that is not the case, as neither of the two teams would stand in the way of changes.

McLaren's boss Zak Brown added: "I think increasing that will just create more excitement throughout the whole field. So we're supportive of more teams getting more points."

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack is also supportive of the possible tweaks, but he thinks that the sport needs to carry out a throughout analysis to come up with a solution that does not need to be addressed in the near future.

"I think the system needs to be looked at," Krack started. "We have a new fan base also. We are not anymore the purists that we were for these many years. So I think it is really time to have a look at this. Personally, I think there always needs to be something to fight for, wherever you are.

"We should obviously not be too much influenced by how it is this year, because next year can be different than the year after. But I think it was a good consensus in the F1 Commission to say we want to make an adjustment, but we should not rush it, because we don't want to change it again later.

"So I think it's important that we have a good thought about it, and then we discuss some different proposals next time.