Schumacher is least sportive driver ever - Alonso

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Fernando Alonso has slammed Michael Schumacher for being the most unsportive driver ever in racing. He told that in an interview with the Spanish radio station Marca. The Monza weekend was already marked as a lowpoint in the relation between Renault and Ferrari as also team boss Flavio Briatore was furious after the dubious penalty that was handed out to Alonso.

Alonso stated: "Michael is the most penalised and unsportive racer ever in Formula One".

In fact he is correct, as not only were there incidents this year that worsened the Renault relationship with Ferrari and inevitably also the FIA, but Michael Schumacher himself has had many controversial incidents in his racing career, leading to several disqualifications or reprimands.

  • Earlier in his career, at Benetton he was penalised after driving an irregular car.
  • 3 years later at Jerez he bumped purposefully into Jacques Villeneuve in a failed attempt to gain the championship from the Canadian.
  • In 1999, in the comeback after he broke his leg in an accident at Stowe corner in Silverstone, both Ferrari cars were found illegal at the Malaysian GP
  • And even as recent as this year, the German parked his car in the last corner at Monaco to prevent any other driver to improve on his time and get pole position