Timeline of the R27 and RS27

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The ING Renault F1 Team has unveiled their 2007 Formula One challenger today at Amsterdam, but before they were able to do so, a lot of work was done on the new contender. Here is the production timeline of the R27 and RS27

End of October 2005: Discussions with Viry on Engine layout and installation
Mid December 2005: Design work on engine integration into chassis begins
Jan-March 2006: Layout design work on R27 continues
March: Different gearbox concepts studied
2nd May: Gearbox concept agreed, detail design starts
6th May: Car specification first issue
8th June: Gearbox production begun
28th June: Chassis surfaces defined
19th August: Chassis manufacturing begun
21st August: Windtunnel work commences on R27 in Enstone
29th August: First R27 design meeting
31st August: Fuel system defined
18th September 2006 : Engine Homologation rules officially agreed
2nd October: First gearbox arrival, gearbox build starts
8th October: RS26 engine for homologation submitted to FIA after Japanese GP
10th October: Bodywork defined by aero department
18th October: Confirmation of engine regulations by World Motorsport Council
20th October: First rig test of gearbox at Enstone
1st November: Engine mock-up arrives in Enstone
1st November: First full power gearbox test on dyno 9 at Viry
1st November: Car mock-up assembly starts
14th November: Driver fits in first mock-up chassis
22nd November: First track test of R27 rear end on R26 chassis
27th November: First chassis ready for assembly
29th November: FIA test on first R27 chassis completed
12th December: First car build started (R27-01)
15th December: List of precise engine modifications for RS27 submitted to FIA
19th December: First car fired up in workshop
21st December: Driver fits in actual R27 chassis completed
22nd December: R&D testing begins on R27-01
End of Dec 2006: Final wind tunnel testing completed for first race package
2nd January 2007: Second car build started (R27-02)
10th January: Aerodynamic evaluation of R27-01 at Silverstone
16th January: Shakedown of R27-01 in Jerez
17th January: First full test for R27-01 and R27-02 in Jerez with race drivers
Jan-Feb: General testing of R27 in Europe and Bahrain
1st March: Definitive RS27 engine for homologation delivered to FIA
8th March: Cars leave for first race
16-18th March 2007: Australian Grand Prix

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