We always want more - Massa

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Felipe Massa, the Scuderia Ferrari driver, is back home in Monaco after the eventful British Grand Prix and a three-day test session at the renewed Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in the Belgian Ardennes. The Brazilian is now looking forward to the upcoming race at Nürbürgring where he expects to be competitive again.

Felipe Massa "A week after the British Grand Prix, I'm home in Monaco enjoying some summer weather which seems to have been missing at the last couple of races. Looking back at Silverstone, some people have suggested to me it was one of my best drives and I guess they could be right, but only in one way. It might have be one of my best drives, it might have entertained the crowd but I cannot consider it one of my best races at the moment. To be honest, I enjoyed the driving and having a very good race starting from the back and ending up in a strong position. It was a very positive result, but it was also very negative because of what happened at the start. In some ways, I could not enjoy it. When I finished the race, even if I had delivered a fantastic performance, I could not be happy. It was a race where I should have been fighting for the win. When you look at the championship situation and how competitive it is this year, then when you see so many points escaping from you, it's not possible to be happy when you look at things in terms of the championship.

"During the race I could see people in the grandstand waving me on and cheering and after the race many people congratulated me. Even the team greeted me as though it was my best ever result and their reaction was even stronger than if I had won. But the feeling inside was all about the frustration at losing points.

"I did not have too long to think about the disappointment, as a couple of days later, I was testing at the Spa circuit where we will return for the Belgian Grand Prix in September. We did not race there last year and I cannot say the modifications they have done to the track make a big difference. The famous "Bus Stop" chicane has gone, replaced by another one which is just a little bit different in that it goes to the other side of the track. In terms of overtaking, in my opinion, it will offer similar opportunities to the old one.

"From a technical point of view, the Spa test was really good and the car seems to respond very well to changes. We managed to complete all our programme, even though there was some rain, which at least allowed us to evaluate car performance in the wet, which is always likely over the Spa race weekend. The car was good in the dry and possibly even better in the wet.

"Now, I'm just relaxing at home and then on Wednesday, we go to the Nurburgring where I expect the F2007 will again be very competitive. Last year in the European Grand Prix I finished third and it was my first ever Formula 1 podium. Hopefully this time, we can be back on the podium but in a better position. I have good memories of last year, but we always want more!"