Busy summer-break for Sutil

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After a three week 'summer holiday' the FIA Formula One World Championship returns to action with the Turkish Grand Prix on 26 August, round 12 of the 17-event series. Adrian Sutil didn't really enjoy a relaxing break as he conducted a shakedown for the team and travelled to Rotterdam and Germany on PR and sponsor visits.

Hungary saw a turning point for both you and the team. Were you pleased with the result?

"I think Hungary was one of the best results of the season as we finished in front of a works team. For sure we have had some other good races this year, for example Indianapolis, where we have been able to get and stay close to the others but this last race was one of the best."

Did you feel any extra pressure having a car chasing hard behind you for most of the race?

"No not really. I knew that I had a little bit more speed than the Honda and I could always keep a three to four second gap. At the Hungaroring it's always difficult to overtake too so I knew that all I had to do was keep concentrated on what I had to do and not make any mistakes."

Have you ever driven in Istanbul before?

"No, this will be the first time I have been to the circuit. As usual I have been studying the data trying to learn the track and doing laps on the PlayStation to try and get the right lines. In the end learning a circuit is not so difficult as there are always come corners that are similar to other tracks you've driven on. I'm looking forward to turn eight though - I saw it on the TV last year and it looks really tough. On a quick lap you're going really quick through there, perhaps 260kph, there's a lot of g-force - it's pretty spectacular."

How have you spent the summer break?

"I didn't take a holiday - in fact it was the busiest week of the year for me! I went to Silverstone, Rotterdam and many places in Germany on PR and sponsor visits so I spent most of the time travelling around. I had a lot to do, but I did enjoy it and feel well-prepared for Turkey. I can take holidays later!"

You tested the new B-spec car in Silverstone, what were your impressions?

"It was difficult to get a feel for the car as it was raining very hard, we only had 50km and we were using the short version of Silverstone, which has about four corners! I also knew that we had to take care of the car, stay on the track and not take any risks. We tested the engine temperature and set-up over longer runs and everything seemed to be working well."

How was Bavaria City Racing last weekend?

"It was a great event, really fun and the first time I had done something like that. There was a huge crowd, all cheering whenever you went past or did donuts. I did two laps, but both were very enjoyable!"

What are your aims for this race?

"I don't go to Istanbul with many expectations, but hope that we can continue to have good races like we did in Hungary. We need to race other cars now on a more consistent balance. If we can overtake other cars and race? We'll have to see how it goes, but I hope so, definitely."

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