Nelsinho feels no pressure to beat Alonso

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This Sunday, Nelson Piquet Jr. will make his Grand Prix debut for the ING Renault F1 Team. The young Brazilian will team up with double World Champion Fernando Alonso, but feels no pressure to beat the Spaniard.

Nelsinho said in the British newspaper 'Sunday Exprss': “It is going to be tough for me as it was for Heikki last year.

“With Fernando, this is not a team-mate I need to beat, so there is a bit less pressure than Heikki had last season, when he had a team-mate at near the end of his career, Giancarlo Fisichella. Flavio wanted him to beat Giancarlo because he thought Heikki was much better than him, and he is, but it just doesn’t always happen like that.

“I just need to follow and learn from this guy, not try to beat him at the start. I need to listen, follow, occasionally get a chance to be in front if I have a better strategy or better car.

“If I try to fight, push, be in front, wheel-to-wheel for the championship I will get myself lost and make him against me and make everything crazy.”