Mosley aims to reduce fuel consumption by half

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This morning, FIA President Max Mosley sent a letter to all the Formula One teams. In the letter, the President of the governing body declares that Formula One is becoming unsustainable and he invites the teams to make proposals to reduce costs, to extract more energy from less fuel and to improve racing. Here you can find the full letter of Max Mosley:

To all Formula One Team Principals
3 July 2008


Formula One is becoming unsustainable. The major manufacturers are currently employing up to 1000 people to put two cars on the grid. This is clearly unacceptable at a time when all these companies are facing difficult market conditions.

Also, with attention on energy problems world-wide, Formula One cannot afford to be profligate in its use of fuel. Indeed, without the KERS initiative, some major sponsors might already have left.

The FIA is therefore inviting the teams to make proposals

• to reduce current levels of expenditure. New rules must ensure that the costs of the manufacturer teams come down by at least 50% and that the independent teams become financially viable. Both must be done without affecting the spectacle in any way;

• to extract more useful energy from less fuel. The target should be a (very challenging) 50% reduction from today’s levels of fuel consumption by 2015, while maintaining current speeds. The rules should encourage manufacturer teams to research technologies which are road-relevant rather than Formula One-specific;

• to improve the racing, including rules to ensure that cars remain aerodynamically efficient when in close proximity to one another.

The matter is now urgent. We need proposals which we can turn into detailed rules. These must be ready within three months and have the support of at least a majority of the teams, failing which the FIA will itself prepare new rules for 2011. Please also see the attached note. Professor Goeschel has kindly agreed to hold meetings of FOMAC to discuss these issues directly with the manufacturers.

Yours sincerely
Max Mosley