Will KERS-introduction be postponed?

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It is suggested that the introduction of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System in the 2009 season will have to be postponed. This comes after the problems encountered by the F1 teams during the development of the system.

In less than one week time, there were two serious incidents with the system. The Red Bull Racing factory at Milton Keynes had to be evacuated after a KERS-incident and on Tuesday a BMW Sauber mechanic got an electric shock after touching a car with the system on board.

Luca Marmorini of the Toyota team declared in 'Bild': "All teams are having problems at the moment. Building a safe system is proving a difficult thing. For 2009, time is running out."

Renault F1 team boss Flavio Briatore said: "If the system is not safe, we will not put it on the car."

Not only the teams, but also the drivers are worried about the safety of the system. Mark Webber, speaking for the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, declared: "Some teams are having problems with the chemicals that are used for the batteries. It is important to us that it is safe, when we are driving at 300kmh, or in the event of a heavy accident."