• Through Shaft Damper Update

    Through Shaft Damper Update

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    Following the small line in the Autosport International article, Race Tech has done two follow-up articles on Through Shaft Dampers (TSDs). One on the Penske example, and a further one on TSDs from Sachs Race Engineering.

  • The importance of ride height

    The importance of ride height

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    "Ride height" is a term I'm sure most F1 fans have heard at one time or another. It is essentially the distance between the base of the car and the ground.

  • The vehicle performance envelope

    The vehicle performance envelope

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    The Performance Envelope can also be referred to as the g-g-V. This is because the envelope shows not only the well-known g-g diagram or ‘friction circle’ but how that varies with velocity.

  • The effects of adjusting a damper

    The effects of adjusting a damper

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    Neil Roberts has a closer look to the effects of adjusting damper settings of a racecar, aiming at finding the optimum.

  • Anatomy of a racing damper

    Anatomy of a racing damper

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    An insight into a racing damper's internals and an explanation of their function, written by Indycar engineer Neil Roberts.

  • Formula One transmissions

    Formula One transmissions

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    An overview of a Formula One car's transmission and how the systems evolved during the year. It explores the subject of torque-steer differential systems, and other technologies such as Benetton’s short-lived FTT system.

  • Suspension components and their function

    Suspension components and their function

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    Handling of a vehicle is determined by many variables. Some of these are tires, center of mass (a.k.a. center of gravity), ...

  • Traction control: an overview

    Traction control: an overview

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    Summary of SAE paper 942475 that was presented at MSEC 1994 by engineers from Bosch and Chrysler (Lamborghini F1 engine builders for the Larrouse team).

  • Race track construction

    Race track construction

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    A closer look at how an F1 track is laid down and what it takes to build a top class racing track

  • Q+A with Allan McNish

    Q+A with Allan McNish

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    This was an interview with Toyota F1 Driver Allan McNish In August at the Spa Francorchamps circuit where Toyota were running their test car.