Spyker clean up nose area

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The new Spyker car is not only painted in a new colour, it has also been completely redesigned. At this time it even appears to be one of the most aerodynamically changed cars of the field. The nose area has especially required a lot of attention as the team perfected their front suspension to a functional zero keel design. The visual similarities with a twin keel originate from the turning vanes, located at the exact same position as where the keels are usually located. The new layout came together with an upgrade of the nose cone. It was slimmed and raised in order to allow the best possible airflow underneath the car.


By Principessa on 19-02-2007 at 15:09

I believe that Spyker already done a lot. James Key has done a great job and the new car, planned for August, will be a development of the work of Key and the technical team. And yet, another team with a zero keel :wink:

By allan on 20-02-2007 at 23:40

i donno, but i really like this car.. Spyker are doing a very good job so far... i know this car might be the last on the grid, but for sure it\'s one of the best examples of a hard working team product...

By johny on 20-02-2007 at 23:55

also Spyker became the underdog to support :D

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