McLaren copy Renault's ears

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The test in Barcelona from 12 to 14 February saw McLaren introduce a few new aero bits, including small wings on each side of the monocoque. The idea is copied from Renault who have been running similar devices since the Canadian Grand Prix of 2006. Only available to Alonso during the test, the 'ears' are positioned like an airplane wing and therefore do produce lift instead of downforce. The primary reason for such a compromise is improved airflow towards the rear of the car where eventually more downforce is gained than what's lost by the ears themselves. McLaren's ears are single element and placed closer to the driver's helmet than at Renault.


By Keir on 19-02-2007 at 19:28

Intersting development this. I have noticed aerodynamic elements on a number of cars that in themselves would produce lift and are intended more as a \'flow conditioners\'.

By allan on 20-02-2007 at 01:48

i\'m not sure, but they seem to act as to direct some of the air flow away from the mirrors, as well.
I wonder why they still place the mirrors so close to the cockpit :roll:

By manchild on 20-02-2007 at 18:26

I think they are conditioning flow of air into sidepods by preventing spilling of air on top of the zone where sidepods meet the chassis. So they direct the air stream downwards directly into sidepod inlet.

By ginsu on 23-02-2007 at 01:49

Renault does not have endplates on their ears, so these are quite a different design. I\'m sure the endplates are there to reduce the size of the vortices that these shed because of the pressure differential between the upper and lower surfaces. So, yes, they must be generating a little lift considering their angle of attack.

By Principessa on 23-02-2007 at 10:00

Renault\'s ears from last year looked more alike on the ears of McLaren now. The Renault ears no the R27 are very curly.

By chasefreak on 01-03-2007 at 16:41

i was looking at the ears fro Reanult and they don\'t have any similarity...mac\'s have a very different ear

By jwielage on 02-03-2007 at 21:33

They are quite similare to the ears on the R26, but judging by their look they seem to more obviously create lift (or it could just be the endplate). What is interesting about the ears (more like horns) on the R27 is that there horizontal profile seems much smaller, but more importantly they curve upward toward their ends. The function of the ear itself is quite obvious, but why the upward bend........ Anyone have some insight to share? :?:

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