BMW create front wing with 2.5 panels

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BMW Sauber have displayed a highly competitive pace during the winter season. Quickly after the initial shakedown a new front wing was introduced that makes it hard to decide whether it has 2 or 3 horizontal planes. Yet again BMW Sauber have found a simple solution by making a cut into the upper - second - panel. It is really impossible to predict the effect of this change although the extra split in the middle of the wing will increase the downforce and drag generated under the nose.


By manchild on 21-02-2007 at 14:33

I name it \"The peeler wing\".

By mini696 on 21-02-2007 at 22:39

Would this create a smoother flow on the ends of the wings?

By ginsu on 23-02-2007 at 01:45

The cut in the second element should actually reduce drag by injecting high velocity airflow onto the underside of the second element preventing the wing from stalling at low airspeeds.

By jwielage on 02-03-2007 at 21:37

I wonder why they haven\'t attempted to graft the top plane of the wing to the nosecone? They have obviously spent pleanty of time in the wind tunnel working on that wing, and that improvement seems to be an obvious one. Could it be that its effect is quite marginal ?

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