Spyker reintroduce WRC rear wing

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Formula One car design today is basically to optimise the car's bodywork in order to make the wings and the diffuser work as efficient as possible. The slightest change in the rear wing can quickly induce an important downforce or drag change. Spyker tried to do so by bending the end plates towards the outer sides of the car. This will cause air under the wing to flow faster. Since faster air directly means lower pressure, the downforce generated by the rear wing will be increased. Ferrari attempt to achieve the same effect by adding gurney flaps to the trailing edges of the end plates. Also note the obligated gap spacers. An experienced F1 eye can already see this redevelop to the vertical panels that used to be fitted on BAR's 2004 car - a feature that was at the time copied from WRC to limit sideways draft.


By tomislavp4 on 26-02-2007 at 23:11

It´s there on the new williams too :wink:

By mini696 on 27-02-2007 at 05:39

Why is the title \"reintroduce rear wing\"? It never left.

By Steven on 28-02-2007 at 10:31

@mini696: I kind of forgot WRC, pointing to the vertical panels.

By mini696 on 28-02-2007 at 22:18

Ahh, makes sense.

By Steven on 28-02-2007 at 23:08

Not close at the moment of course if you compare it with BAR\'s 2004 idea, but it tends to be the same, as it surely does more than just maintain the slot gap.

Was there a limit imposed on the size of these vertical elements somehow?

By Ray on 28-02-2007 at 23:28

What\'s WRC?

By Steven on 01-03-2007 at 00:14

WRC = World Rally Championship

By scarbs on 05-03-2007 at 14:30

These devices are demanded by the FIA to ensure the slot gap is maintained. Initially the FIA were vague about their interpretation of the devices, so most teams fitted two. The FIA rescinded and late last year informed the teams that only one central slot gap guide was allowed. Thus the team swho had developed a two device rear wing will have to change before Melbourne.

The teams arent allowed to \'oversize\' the device to prevent the 2004 WRC style fences. I would say that the single device does little to benefit aero.

By Ray on 06-03-2007 at 19:59

I thought it meant World Rally Championship, but wasn\'t sure. Is this a copy, of sorts, of the wings they use?

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