Renault opt for 2005-style front wing

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Although it's starting to look rare these days, Renault ran an unstacked front wing to fit the lower drag requirements at Montreal. The upper elements were removed, making the front wing look more like an item from 2005. The team also dropped their mid wing for this race and most likely will retain a similar configuration for the Indianapolis race. While it is visible, note the little gurney flap at the trailing outer edge of the wing. This effectively creates more downforce at the wing's outer extremities while preventing flow separation on the underside.


By megz on 15-06-2007 at 13:17

A strange development I\'d have thought...

By checkered on 27-06-2007 at 02:32

According to

some (very vague) comments from France, the appearance of the \"definitive 2007 front wing\" will take place in either Hungary or Turkey.

By checkered on 08-07-2007 at 01:36

It looks like

Renault is on track to introduce their \"2007 B-Spec\" front wing in Hungary. Before that they\'re alredy looking forward to gaining two to three tenths at N├╝rnburgring with components that will be tested out at Spa next week. That should keep things interesting between Renault and BMW for the time being, even if the updates from Hungaroring on might be somewhat lesser in terms of performance. It\'s clear by now, though, that gaining even as much as a half a second (the upgrades from now until Hungary might yield as much, hopefully even more) won\'t be enough to catch either McLaren or Ferrari. Currently they\'re seven to eight tenths faster per lap.

By checkered on 20-07-2007 at 01:37

Well, a very, very

aggressive approach for Renault as they\'re going to feature the \"2007 B-Spec\" front wing at the European GP already. Guess they\'re serious, then, in trying to challenge BMW for third in the WCC standings. The wing hasn\'t actually been tested on the car at all, so we might see a lot of testing work being done on Friday. Obviously the people at Enstone are satisfied that their CFD and wind tunnel data now fully correlates with the physical realities on the track. At this point they\'re looking for about two tenths per lap improvement and a better race balance. I guess we\'ll see whether that\'s an accurate projection this weekend already.

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