Advanced front wing on new McLaren MP4-24

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McLaren have introduced its new MP4-24, and it features the most advanced front wing of any of the 2009 cars that have already been launched. While Ferrari attempted a modest double decker wing and Toyota displayed a basic version, the new McLaren wing looks ready to be raced. The main panel features sweeping curves starting from a minimum-height horizontal leading edge. The red coloured moveable flaps are similarly curved in an attempt to improve the airflow in the inside of the front wheels, while maximising downforce ahead of it.

The support of the moveable panels also reveals that only the upper element of the wing is adjustable by the driver. The driver can operate that element by 6° from his steering wheel, activating an adjuster built into the end plate.

McLaren have additionally taken a different route in designed the front wing end plates, as these curve inwards, rather that directing air around the outside of the front wheels.


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This is interesting. With the smaller-sized intakes now standard on the MP4-24, it makes sense to direct more incoming air in between the wheels. But does this increase the drag coefficient in the process? And what happens to the handling?

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