A look into McLaren's sidepod front

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McLaren have taken a fairly predictable approach as far as the front of the sidepod goes. During the course of 2008, the team often partially closed the radiator air inlet of the sidepod as reduce the car's overall drag on circuits that require less cooling. Since the new engines will require even less cool air than last year due to the drop in maximum rpm, the smaller inlet could be made a standard feature of the new car. As a result, the undercut could be smoothed to improve its interaction with the new, smaller barge board.
The wing mirrors on the other hand are also similar to the MP4-23, except for their relocation closer to the driver, inspired by Renault's positioning of the mirrors in their Renault R28.
Also remark the vertical fence upward of the car's floor. This prevents interaction of airflow above and under the floor and improved the floor's efficiency.

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