Ferrari try their own blown rear wing

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Although not exactly an F-duct, Ferrari are testing their version of a blown rear wing at Chinese free practices. The F10 sees the addition of a channel up in the shark fin that runs through into the rear wing, with the known rearward slots in the upper deck.

While the shark fin element is now considerably thicker than it previously was, there is at this time no evidence that the driver has any input in this, contrary to McLaren's F-duct design. Air is fetched just behind the airbox and then channeled towards the rear wing.

One interesting addition however is a channel exiting under a tiny winglet atop of the rear impact crash structure. While still secretive, it's not unthinkable that this is a diversion for air that is not needed as a stall inducer on the rear wing.


By Steven on 16-04-2010 at 13:00

Meanwhile, scarbs has learned from Ferrari that their F-duct is not complete yet, and that the completed new element will appear at another race, possibly at the Spanish GP

By Herr_Koos on 16-04-2010 at 13:02

They tried a blown wing, and what they got was a blown engine.. ;-)

By mx_tifoso on 16-04-2010 at 23:56

Scarbs and everyone else has learned about the system, Fernando Alonso has been very easygoing about this and has said it himself that the system is not complete. From 'autosport', "The F-system was not active. We tested some parts of the engine cover and the rear wing to validate them and to check they worked fine, but the aerodynamicists will now gather data. But the system was not complete.

"I had nothing inside the cockpit because the system is not complete. We tested the engine cover to compare it with the standard one. I didn't notice anything. I guess there will some new numbers from an aero point of view."

By on 19-04-2010 at 00:22

I think i read somewhere that the Ferrari system has two different exit points.

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