Mercedes experiment with blown rear wing

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Mercedes have also brought a new rear wing to try out the advantages of McLaren's blown rear wing. Both drivers initially tested the new design, but only Nico Rosberg chose to use it during the race, a move which Schumacher dubbed as 'probably a better choice than my opinion' after he found his teammate 0.6 tenths quicker during qualifying.

The new design is still experimental and features a small channel in the middle of the wing. Two small openings in the low deck of the rear wing feed the channel that exits again on the rear end of the upper deck.


By on 19-04-2010 at 00:19

I wonder if they can control the airflow through the slots like with the McLaren RW80?

By manchild on 19-04-2010 at 01:04

Ha! It's passive as I've reckoned. No feet, no knees BS. Mclaren's duct on top of the tub is just cooling inlet designed to mislead the rivals. Mclaren feeds their wing trough upper slot of airbox.

By mike on 19-04-2010 at 04:12

agreed y would u hav a snorkel at ur suspension? it doesn make any sense!!
its like flexible wings it goes by the speed, purely passive
and i still think active even with knee is illegal and no1 has confirm the tube any of mclaren picture

By manchild on 19-04-2010 at 13:27

@mike, it was there long time ago. ... 2007_q.jpg

I think that 2010 car has just better shaped version with fairing. That combined with new wing worked perfectly to create a confusion.

By Patrickl on 20-04-2010 at 01:03

It turned out that Schumacher was incorrect in his assumption that Rosberg was using a different rear wing:
= Mercedes cars used F-duct in qualy[/url]

By mike on 20-04-2010 at 04:58

@manchild wat i meant was if it was included in the design which it was... would the snorkel be some where close to the knee?

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