On-track aero evaluation, the proper way

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Red Bull Racing fitted Vettel's RB8 with an interesting aerodynamic evaluation system. While a grid of pressure sensors is not quite new as many teams have been using that during tests since a few years, it is however interesting to see how Red Bull made a custom grid that perfectly fits the shape of the sidepod, allowing to measure the flow speed in the boundary layer around the sidepod as well as further above the car's body. The grid features 34 individual sensors, each connected to a hub, in this case mounted into a bulge fitted on the left side of the air box, where data is gathered.

However, as if this was not enough, the left part of the rear wing, including the lower beam as well as the upper elements have flowviz applied to visualize the airflow onto and over the rear wing elements.


By elmerfud on 28-06-2012 at 13:08

I wonder if you filmed with an infrared camera if you see a the flow behind the car from cold or hot gas maybe coming from those tubes?

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