New nose on Red Bull RB8

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Red Bull introduced a considerable number of changes on its car at Singapore, including a new front wing, diffuser and DDRS. Perhaps of a little less importance, but still interesting is their new nose cone. Just like Williams did, the new nose has a slight bulge below the nose, in the middle of the nose but just behind the front wing pillars. Overall the tip of the nose on the Red Bull is also slightly lower, resulting in more airflow over the nose and less under it.

Such change is remarkable, especially because the currently nearly maximum-height noses of current F1 cars are all focused to get as much air as possible under the nose and towards the floor. It is of course part of Red Bull's changes to improve the balance of the RB8. Adrian Newey mentioned before the Japanese GP that "the team have been focusing mainly on restoring the car's balance after losing the effect of the exhaust blown diffusers that we had for the past two years".

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