Lotus brings new mirrors for more downforce

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Lotus have brought new mirrors to the Hungarian GP, or rather new aerodynamic shells that house the mirrors. The mirrors themselves are regulated to have a minimum area, and all teams are strictly adhering to this very minimum to create the least possible aerodynamic disadvantage. It is for this disruption in airflow that outboard mirrors were introduced a few years ago, only to be banned later on safety reasons.

But, with their location now more or less fixed ahead and above the sidepod entry, it is key to reduce their effect on the car's aerodynamics, or perhaps even design them so they are useful for the aerodynamic efficiency of the rear of the car. Lotus have approach this in a very particular way by making the mirrors somewhat bulbous. While that increases the frontal surface, the narrowing body will help reduce the turbulence behind the mirror.

Even more so, and possibly the reason why Lotus have brought the new mirrors is that its shape now works along with the sidepod's upper surface and its adjacent flow conditioner. Although its exact effects can only be verified by the team, it is clear that such improved flow may help the airflow over the sidepod and slightly increase the efficiency of the rear wing.

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