Red Bull adopts serrated barge boards

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Red Bull Racing have been working on the sidepod area to better control airflow at the rear of the car. Part of its update package included a sidepod panel with modified bridge, making one of the vortex generators obsolete. Inward of the remaining vortex generator is a new flow conditioner, similar but less wide than the version seen on the Lotus E21. It is interesting to note that Red Bull's bridge that connected the sidepod to the vertical fence is very neutral, whereas the version on the Sauber C32 is directing air down.

Also marked is Red Bull's adoption of the Lotus serrated barge boards. Although less extreme, as the Lotus features many more separate elements, Red Bull's modified barge board has two apertures that allow air to flow from the high pressure front area to the lower pressure backside of the panel.

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