A closer look at Alfa Romeo's front end

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Alfa Romeo have maintained a similar front-end philosophy compared to what featured on its 2019 contender. While many other teams went for narrow noses, Alfa stuck with the regular, flat-top nose cone with apertures at the tip of the nose to feed the S-duct.

The picture shows how the new Alfa continues to feature a very wide S-duct outlet, almost the entire width of the nose cone and just a few centimeters in height.

Left and right of it are new winglets since the second test at Barcelona. It was actually Sauber that debuted this sort of winglets last year, but as other teams copied and optimised the design, Sauber's new winglets are now less aimed at extracting air out of the S-duct - like they previously did by pointing outward.

Also note the pins that extend forward out of the four corners of the tub. The nose cone will fit onto these four pins, and can then be attached with screws from the side to fix it.

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