Ferrari F1 75 sidepods validated through CFD

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Ferrari have gone radical in their approach to this year's F1 75 contender, not least by the design of their sidepods that are very unlike anything else seen so far. A dented upper surface and a flat sidewall are its most intricate details that quickly triggered the aerodynamicists' interest. To validate Ferrari's approach and stop guessing in the dark, forum and F1T team member Vanja#66 made a new car model and ran some CFD analysis, with surprising results!

It is clear that Ferrari's concept is an entire package of design features working together, rather than simply a dent, or channel, in the upper surface of the car. Compared to the reference model that we ran here before, generated downforce and induced drag is changed all over the car.

Please check out Vanja's post in the forum that highlights exactly where downforce is gained, and how Ferrari have managed to cut drag at the same time.

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