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Mercedes AMG revert to old exhaust

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Already at the US GP in Austin 7 days ago, Mercedes AMG surprised by fitting Nico Rosberg's car with the old exhaust solution, favouring it over the Coanda solution that the team development following the example of McLaren. In Austin, the team wanted to do a direct on-track comparison to see the benefits and disadvantages of the Coanda exhaust solution. It is no secret that ever since its introduction, the team failed to get it to work properly, while the downwash of the exhaust ga... Read more

Mercedes adopts coanda exhaust

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Mercedes AMG has become the latest team to adopt a downwash exhaust outlet. After having already tested it on track during the most recent young driver test at Magny-Cours, the W03 was immediately fitted with the new exhaust layout in Singapore and was also found good enough to race.

The team's design very much resembles that of the Ferrari F2012 where a bulge on the side of the sidepod incorporates the upward pointing exhaust pipe. The U-channel behind it attempts to prevent the ex... Read more