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Where do we put the obligatory cameras?

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Year after year teams are trying out new positions for the cameras. Be it the nose cameras or those on the engine cover, since they have an aerodynamic influence they are deemed interesting to optimize. As the shape is defined as a neutral wing, the only thing that's left is try to position it where it can be used as a flow straightener.

Mercedes have therefore followed McLaren's example and are now running nose cameras located low above the front wing. And if that wasn't enough, th... Read more

Mercedes reposition airbox behind driver's helmet

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Mercedes' W01 features considerable updates at Spain, including an all new airbox. The team is taking a completely different route in this area compared to its rivals by lowering the height of the air inlet to just behind the driver's helmet. The vertical crash structure is now completely decoupled from that aerodynamic function. In the first 4 races of the season, the W01 already featured this vertical crash protection running through the airbox.

The new design attempt to improve t... Read more

Mercedes experiment with blown rear wing

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Mercedes have also brought a new rear wing to try out the advantages of McLaren's blown rear wing. Both drivers initially tested the new design, but only Nico Rosberg chose to use it during the race, a move which Schumacher dubbed as 'probably a better choice than my opinion' after he found his teammate 0.6 tenths quicker during qualifying.

The new design is still experimental and features a small channel in the middle of the wing. Two small openings in the low deck of the rear wing... Read more