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Mercedes add slim fence on front wing

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Mercedes GP have slightly changed their front wing at the Belgian GP by adding a fence close to the inner edge of the wing's main flap. Until the Hungarian GP, Mercedes had the front wing flap adjuster in that place, a remainder of the automatic front flap adjuster from last year.

So, instead of doing it close to the nose of the car, mechanics now have to add of remove 'clicks' off of the flap at the sidepod panel - as is the case on most other cars.

Mercedes runs new exhaust system

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After having tested the new exhausts at first free practice in Valencia, both MGP cars were fitted with outer blown diffusers on Friday, set to race the new system. Even with the FIA changing the regulations to reduce off-throttle exhaust blowing, exhaust system like Red Bull are still putting the exhaust gases where they are most efficient.

With the new layout, Mercedes hope to make best use of the little exhaust blowing that is left in the system, and at the same time try to resol... Read more

Trying to keep the rear tyres cool

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Mercedes GP have made no secret of their issues of managing the rear tyres, and they have moved to resolve that issue through some aerodynamic tweaks. Since Turkey, the W02 had a small turning vane fitted on top of the car's floor, just ahead of the rear wheel. This element tries to keep exhaust gases away from the tyre's frontal surface and instead guide them onto the diffuser.

Other teams are having much less issues here because most, including Red Bull and its copycats, channel t... Read more

Catching a fresh breath

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Mercedes GP's W02 has been struggling with overheating issues ever since it hit the track during winter testing, and it seems the team have yet to find a definitive solution. After adding shark gills at various locations on the rear end of the sidepods, at China a new cooling opening suggests that wasn't sufficient.

Replacing the 3 small gills is now a single large opening, exactly above the engine exhaust. The hole exposes the exhaust pipe to the viewer as it helps to evacuate hot ... Read more