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Again different front wings at SA

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Just like in several races earlier in 2007, Super Aguri is testing a new front wing during Friday practice. In fact it is still the same doubled front wing as earlier this season, and so it appears as it the team is unsure about its performance advantages. Yet again both drivers reverted to a simpler wing without upper planes and with a different curve in the main plane. Note that both of the wings seen at Montreal consist of two elements, contrary to the three part wings that most ... Read more

Super Aguri puts on Honda front wing

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Although the newest Super Aguri is definitely a derivative from the Honda RA106, the team have developed the aero package over the winter. One of these new things included a new double front wing. The lower part of the image shows the new wing. It has a surprisingly flat upper panel compared to the Renault or Ferrari versions. The drivers hit the track with it on Friday but later in the weekend switched to another, simpler wing. The upper image is the front wing driven in the race a... Read more