McLaren MP4-8 Ford

McLaren MP4-8 image

Active: 1993
Team: McLaren International Ltd

Designers: Neil Otley, Henri Durand, Michael Jeffreys, David North, Dave Neilson, Tim Goss
Drivers: Michael Andretti, Mika Häkkinen (7), Ayrton Senna (8)

The McLaren MP4/8 was designed by Neil Oatley and was based on advanced racecar technology, including a semi-automatic transmission, active suspension and traction control systems. During the 1993 season, the car scored five victories out of sixteen races, mostly thanks to Senna's driving abilities.

The loss of the Honda engines and the Ford engine being its underpowered replacement however caused 1993 to be the last season for Senna with McLaren as he moved on to Williams in 1994.


Front suspension: double wishbones, pushrod, inboard spring/damper/actuator
Rear suspension: double wishbones, pushrod, inboard spring/damper/actuator
Suspension dampers: Bilstein
Wheel diameter: front: 13 inch / rear: 13 inch
Wheel rim widths: front: 11,5 inch / rear: 13,7 inch
Tyres: Goodyear
Brakes: Brembo
Brake pads: Carbone Industrie/Hitco/Brembo
Steering: McLaren
Radiators: McLaren/Calsonic
Fuel tanks: ATL
Battery: GS
Instruments: TAG Electronics


Gearbox: McLaren six-speed transverse semi-automatic
Driveshafts: McLaren
Clutch: AP


Wheelbase: 2902 mm
Track: front: 1692 mm / rear: 1607 mm
Formula weight: 505 kg
Fuel capacity: 215 litres


Type: Ford HB
No. of cylinders: V8 (75°)
Fuel and oil: Shell
Sparking plugs: Champion
Electronics: TAG electronics

Images by Anthony Fosh