Auto Technisches Spezialzubehorgermany

Team logoBased in: Bicester
Founded: 1972 (active 1978-1984)

Principal: Hans Gunther Schmidt

German wheel magnate Schmidt entered Formula 1 with the Penske PC4 in 1977 with the intention of promoting his ATS wheels company. This was later developed into the first proper ATS entry and the team took over the facilities of the departing March operation in Bicester.

Schmid had a reputation of being something of an idiosyncratic character his team went through a lot of drivers, designers and managers before the organisation was finally wound down in 1984. The organisation always struggled at this level although Schmidt later returned to try and conquer F1 once more with his Rial Racing outfit.


All Formula One cars of Auto Technisches Spezialzubehor
Car designationRace years
ATS D11978
ATS HS11978
ATS D21979
ATS D31979 - 1980
ATS D41980 - 1981
ATS HGS-11981
ATS D51982
ATS D61983
ATS D71984