Spyker F1 Teamnetherlands

Team logoBased in: Silverstone, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Founded: 2006 (active 2006 - 2007)

Website: http://www.spykerf1.com/

Managing director: Colin Kolles (2005-2007)
Marketing director: Christian Geistdoerfer (2005-2007)
Chief Technology Officer: Mike Gascoyne (Nov 2006-2007)
Technical director: James Key (2005-2007)
Chief Designer: John McQuillian (2005-2007)
Chief aerodynamics: Simon Philips (2005-2007)

The foundation of the team was officially September 30, 2006. On that day, Spyker Cars N.V. ("Spyker") manufacturer of high-end sport cars completed the acquisition of Midland F1 Racing Limited ("MF1 Racing") from Midland Resources Holding Ltd. Together with the buy, the team immediately introduced a new livery for its car, replacing the red midland colours to Dutch orange. The first official race took place at China in 2006 with the repainted midland car with which the team completed 2006.

While the team remained largely the same with Colin Kolles keeping control as managing director, Mike Gascoyne was announced as the new chief technology officer as of November1, 2006. Gascoyne is a well respected engineer who earlier worked for Jordan, Renault F1 and Toyota.

During the course of 2006, the team held on to the name of Spyker MF1 Racing but changed to Spyker F1 for 2007 as the Midland group really had nothing more to do with the team.

Halfway through 2007 at became clear that Spyker itself was also in financial trouble and that they would split up their road car and f1 car departments. It emerged later that Colin Kolles was looking for an investor and he eventually found him in India. Vijay Mallya was found interested in buying into the team for a reputed €88 million. He immediately restructured the organisation, allowed several drivers to test and renamed the team to Force India F1.


All Formula One cars of Spyker F1 Team
Car designationRace years
Spyker MF1 Toyota M162006
Spyker F8-VII2007