2020 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, September 25 - 27

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Re: 2020 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, September 25 - 27


With Honda pulling out and Renault is on state support in france i wonder how this will end

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Re: 2020 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, September 25 - 27


jz11 wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:00 am
komninosm wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:02 am
jz11 wrote:
Sun Sep 27, 2020 7:54 pm
now this is funny, I don't hate him at all, I started to dislike his antics as of late regarding the politics outside F1, but I have absolutely no hatred at all for him
I seriously remember you always disliking Hamilton and being against him. There's a lot of people who agree on his politics of equality and justice for the victims of racism and police brutality, accountability for officials.

So what's your view on Verstappen overtaking a car inside the pits driving over mechanics spot?
How about Leclerc crashing Stroll?
Vettel crashing Grosjean?
How about Kvyat and others going too slow on Q2 after (red flag) restart in pit exit? That goes against 16 or 19 section I think.
I won't go into politics, it will just get deleted, except to say - I agree that there are issues, but they aren't limited to black people, so the way they are going about it is quite wrong - ALL lives matter, not just colored ones

selective memory... somehow you must have forgot me bashing Rosberg for his moves on Hamilton, Verstappen driving like there is no tomorrow and being ahead, staying ahead as a matter of life and death, and how that is NOT a sign of greatness, rather than recklessness of youth and not having to care for anything - btw do you see him doing those moves this season? apart from that once incident in the pits, which I was very surprised about they didn't investigate, was it Gasly who was released in front of him there? I'm sure AT didn't press the issue for they may have been penalized for unsafe release, still quite a dangerous manoeuvre

Leclerc/Stroll - and how it is not the same thing to what Lewis did to Albon, first one was on the opening lap, latter one near the end of the race, it was said numerous times how they will let more aggressive moves like that slide and be judged as racing incidents at the start of the race rather than penalize them like Hamilton was when he did it close to the end of the race, and I agree on that

Vettel/Gro I don't recall, maybe I didn't see it, thus can't say anything about it

that Q2 red flag - you make your own bed, stay within track limits (how many times this has to be repeated is quite ridiculous as of late) and this wouldn't even be an issue, I don't know who and why went slow there, they didn't show it as far as I remember, I only heard the brit commentators yet again huffing and puffing about it, if it was on purpose - completely unsportsmanlike move, similar shenanigans like Ham pulled himself by not following team orders when asked to let the other guy through, remember that?

and btw, if they (FIA, stewards) stomped on Verstappens moves when they should have, and made it a rule that you MUST leave cars width on the outside in such situations, guess what - Hamilton/Albon accident wouldn't have happened, and we'd see more close racing on the opening laps because there would be another option available for them to overtake (and not use it as a very high risk desperate surprise sort of move like it is now)
"All lives matter" is kind of a dogwhistle if you know what I mean...
Racism is historical fact. Just like chauvinism and women suffrage struggles.
If you go in a state where the ruling class is black or yellow (or whatever) then you can have racism against white or red (or whatever) there too. It's not about one color being superior and those lives matter. It's about which "race" was/is discriminated in a certain area.
And in Formula 1 there are documented racist quotes of various people, either involved in the "sport", or just fans.

I don't remember you bashing Verstappen or Rosberg, not with the fervor you bash Hamilton.
What Verstappen did in the pits was amazingly dangerous (for pit crews) and against the rules. It wasn't for AT to ask the stewards to investigate. They got eyes too. Your argument makes zero sense.
This should have been a big penalty to Verstappen (at least 10 grid places and more) and 3-4 penalties on his license.
It's a travesty that it wasn't investigated.

What "Lewis did to Albon" LOL there's the Hamilton hate again. It was Albon's fault that he pushed inwards when accelerating too soon. That was another joke penalty for Ham.
What Leclerc did was much clearer his fault and easily avoidable. He just crashed into he car ahead during the turn. Not in in the acceleration zone like Albon-Ham incident. Sure, it was first lap, but the track was clear then, it wasn't first turn and there weren't cars squeezing them. It was just the two of them.
And the point is it wasn't EVEN INVESTIGATED!

Vettel/Grosjean you don't recall. How convenient. Vettel hit Grosjean and forced him out of the track. It caused him to hit the (STUPID) bollards and safety car. Even if it was Grosjean fault, it wasn't even investigated.
https://www.formula1.com/en/video/2020/ ... llide.html

For the Q2 flag your Hamilton hate shows again. Nobody said "you don't make your own bed".
Again you ignore the facts and the rules. You're not supposed to go slow in that part, yet a couple of drivers did that, blocking those behind them and weren't even investigated.
This wasn't even about Hamilton, there were other drivers there too you know. Yet you managed to make it about Hamilton too. Seems like a pattern, no?
- Also, violating team orders is not at all the same as violating Rules and endangering other team drivers.

And BTW FIA didn't stomp on Verstappen, but they sure do stomp on Hamilton all the time.
Again you mention Ham/Albon... when it's about Verstappen antics, FIA not punishing, Albon turning right too early in acceleration... it's Hamilton fault! All of it!
I have to disagree with your statement about my selective memory sir, the evidence is against it.
I guess that's why there's a block list here...
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Re: 2020 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, September 25 - 27


Diesel wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:16 am
jz11 wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:54 am
is there a room for 20 practice start spots on the 'more representative' part of the pit exit lane before it becomes dangerous in the way I tried to explain before?

if you allow 1, you must allow everyone - or again there will be complaints about stewarding

if you don't want to allow any such behavior - you write a rule (as "vague" as some claim it to be) 19 other *competitors follow it, do not get a penalty, one decides not to understand what the rule is about, ignores it thinking they'll be fine because the wording isn't as clear as they think it should have been anyway, gets a penalty, and somehow it is not their fault?
* competitor = driver + team supporting him

and where did Bottas do his practice start? the same team advised him, didn't it?
None of what you are arguing is relevant because it's not written in the rules. You might be completely right, but why isn't it written in to the rules? The stewards literally wrote the rules when they applied the penalty, read the wording of the race notes, and then read the wording of the penalty.

If the FIA didn't like what Mercedes/Hamilton did then they could have reprimanded them and updated the race notes to close the "loop hole", the race director quite often updates the race notes as the event progresses, I believe they were up to V3 at Sochi. So your argument that they had to punish them to set a precedent is flawed.
Mogster wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:15 am
If it’s a problem (is it?) Then there needs to be a marked area for practice starts. That would seem to be obvious.
I think they added a marked area in Germany GP now? Right?

And wow, double standards proven again:
https://the-race.com/formula-1/hamilton ... t-leclerc/
https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/17311 ... o-oblivion
ispano6 wrote:
Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:32 am
Leclerc is managed by Jean Todts son and was recently pictured in a family-esque photo together sitting in a couch.
He didn't get penalized for taking out Stroll either so I think it's more that Leclerc has a special free pass and Hamilton is an easy target and scrutinized for using F1 as "his" platform. I think it's fine he uses Twitter but he should not be pushing his agenda and calling out other drivers who don't do it his way. Bottas should be allowed to wear white overalls too, or teal or whatever.
and all this just reinforces again the joke FIARRARI