Wide vs narrow Grand Prix cars

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Which Grand Prix car width regulation do you prefer?

Wide cars, thanks! 2150mm please.
Narrow cars, thanks! 1800mm please.
Total votes: 27

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Re: Wide vs narrow Grand Prix cars


And half the cylinder count, accordingly. IIRC the Nissan version of Deltawing had a turbo three-cylinder. Transversely mounted, too, uncommon at that level of motorsport. Someone needs to do a backwards version.

I wasn't aware Nissan pushed the GT-R LM schedule forward by one season; no one does that, it's usually a delay if anything. Look at Peugeot this year; choosing to miss the first half of the WEC season for more time to prepare. I think we all, on a forum like this, wanted to see what those tunnels/tubes could do in a proper effort. They had turned the rulebook on its head. Internal flow concepts don't seem to have a good track record though; recall the AMR-One. 2L I-6 with tunnels galore (and GDI, in 2011, on a circuit car). An interesting thing, but it wasn't competitive.