Monza Braking Analysis

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Monza Braking Analysis

Post by mp4-19b » Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:13 pm

My Analysis of Monza using Motec i2 pro(Mainly braking)

Monza has no shortage of heavy braking points, this should heavily aid the kers equipped mclaren, ferrari & possibly renault. The major braking points are Rettifilo Tribune, Variante della Roggia, Variante Ascari & the entry into the parabolica. I would classify the lesmo’s as moderate braking zones. So Kers can pretty much be deployed anywhere, as recharging won’t be a problem. Where the drivers actually use it will be interesting to watch. I suspect drivers will be using kers more for gain in acceleration than top speed, using kers to gain momentum out of the Lesmo’s & parabolica would be ideal.

I’ve used various parameters in my analysis

1) A map of the circuit with a small dot indicating the position of the car. (note the darker colour in the braking zones)

2) Brake pedal position (notice how it reaches peak position often)

3) Throttle position(green)

4)Then there is a numeric bar gauge displaying longitudinal & lateral g-forces

5) Then there is a red colour graph of brake-pedal position(in %) vs time(in sec) notice where it reaches its peak.

6) Then there is a green colour graph of throttle pedal position (in%) vs time(in sec)

7) One more graph depicts brake temperature vs time ( Notice that the brake temperatures easily exceeds 1000c, unlike spa)

8)There are 3 gauges displaying the Gear,engine rpm & cornering speed.

9) In addition to the above, I’ve included a Scatter Plot of Brake temperature( in Celsius) Vs Engine RPM(in rpm)

10) You can also see the variation of the brake temperature in the numeric bar gauge.


Monza is very much suited for KERS equipped cars, we can expect some strong performances from McLaren & Ferrari. I expect McLaren to outshine Ferrari for two reasons

1) Mercedes Engine & Kers are known to be more superior.

2) McLaren’s always seem to ride the kerbs better than most others.

Monza Brake Analysis by me :–

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Re: Monza Braking Analysis

Post by Steven » Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:00 pm

Double (but excellent) post

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