In-Season Testing

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Do you want in-season testing back?

Yes - Freedom of how much the teams want to test
Yes - Limited Amount
Yes - Organised dates for all teams at one venue
No - Allowing straight-line testing
No votes
No - No testing at all
Total votes: 39

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Re: In-Season Testing

Post by JohnsonsEvilTwin » Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:22 pm

Fil wrote:
JohnsonsEvilTwin wrote:In my opinion I think it would be best to have the Tests either on the Monday after GP Sundays, or as a set event that fans can attend.
Why should these be separate concepts?
Saturated exposure.

3FP's, 3 phase qualifying, then an hour and three quarts of a race....there will be far less demand for a testing day on a monday(work day), than there would be for a specialised session over 2 or 3 days that can be run in conjunction with DTM/Touring cars/F2/3.

I think a happy medium of the 2 would suffice if there was a real desire to test. Costs of 1.2M per day to rent a race track seems a tad exorbatent to say the least.
More could have been done.
David Purley