Pirelli Seek New Test Car For 2013 Tyres

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Re: Pirelli Seek New Test Car For 2013 Tyres

Post by ESPImperium » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:49 pm

Pre season the last two tests should be 2 cars for every team on track to give the drivers a nice ammount of time on track before they hit the first event. It would give them effectivly 8 more days free testing as well. Id make it that every race driver had to do a minimum of 2 days testing pre season and a maximum of 8 days. Whitch would give the Test, Reserve and Development guys another 4 days in the car every year, given that teams would probably put their race drivers in for 3 days at the dual car tests. Id also make it that race drivers could not do 3 consecutive days at the same test event.

Whitch would mean testing would follow this format preseason;

Test 1: Jerez, Spain
Day 1: Race 1
Day 2: Race 1
Day 3: Race 2
Day 4: Race 2

Test 2: Circuit de Cataluna, Spain
Day 1: Race 1 & Race 2
Day 2: Race 1 & Test
Day 3: Race 2 & Development
Day 4: Race 1 & Race 2

Test 2: Circuit de Cataluna, Spain
Day 1: Race 1 & Race 2
Day 2: Race 1 & Test
Day 3: Race 2 & Test
Day 4: Race 1 & Race 2

That would be enough for me, meaning that race drivers got 8 good days under them, Test drivers also got 3 days in the car and a Development driver got a day as well. And for in season testing, only Test/Reserve or Development guys got in the car. And post season, the 6 days id give should be done by race drivers or development guys, with race drivers only having a day, only if they have a contract for the next year.

Id also make teams give over a maximum of 10 FP1s for development guys as well.

In season testing would be used for Pirelli for their tyre testing, and would also give 12 more days for T,R&D drivers in the cars, no race drivers, unless a team plans to trial a driver to replace a driver in one of its race seats. Like Senna to Renault last year, if they dont replace the race driver, they fofit a days pre season testing the following season.

Reserve drivers would have their numbers from 31 onward, and have a white T-Cam. Reserve drivers would have to have at least 305km pre season testing under them. They would be first into the car in a Sergio Perez style need. Reserve drivers would also have to have competed in at least 2 races in the last 2 years to furfil a safety requirement, or have taken the wheel for 10 FP1 sessions in the past 2 years to also furfill that same requirement.

Development drivers would have their own numbers from 51 onward, and would have to have not competed in a race, ever and be under the age of 24 to be deemed a development driver. Also their MES light at the back of the car would flash green at all times on track, and their T-Cam would also be required to be green.

Test drivers would have numbers from 71 onward, and have a blue T-Cam, but no flashing MES Light. Test drivers would be deemed a driver who has competed in a race in the last 5 years, and is over 24 years.

Race Drivers would have to have their own numbers.

I know i have cracked it wide open futher than would normally be expected here.