Poll: Should we have a "Formula One Drivers" section?

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Should we add "Formula One Drivers" as another subforum?

Absolutely!! Brilliant Idea!!
Ok that idea just sucked.
Total votes: 52

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Re: Poll: Should we have a "Formula One Drivers" section?


I have noticed, with a few exceptions of course, that engineering knowledge on this forum is inversely proportional to the user's post-rate (#posts/time)
Not the engineer at Force India

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Re: Poll: Should we have a "Formula One Drivers" section?


Belatti wrote:
Webber wrote: Now, there is too much rhetoric and white noise. Raymondu999, for instance, posts prolifically in seemingly most threads, and rarely contributes anything technical. I am at the point of scrolling past his or her posts.

Sadly, if this trend continues, we will have lost this fantastic and high-value resource.

And Im too breaking the "attack the post and not the poster" rule here, but its that you just cant attack 8000 posts... Its like my little nephew getting in my way and asking thousands of questions every time Im doing something at home: terribly annoying, but you just cant get rude because there is nothing he is doing wrong other than a terrible excess of curiosity.
Lol what a cute example! :lol:

Thanks. Honestly. I am indeed a very curious person - almost to a childlike level - and I refuse to be perceived otherwise! :lol: I consider it a key strength of mine, actually.