The use of 'we' when talking about an F1 team

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The use of 'we' when talking about an F1 team


For those who missed it, just a short introduction. We have recently seen more and more people speaking of "we" when talking about Ferrari, as in "did we debut this feature on the car".

Then, a moderator stepped in about another issue in a few posts, and added a (secondary) suggestion about using "we" for a team.

For clarity, first of all I want to say that at no point did anyone say the use of "we" is against the rules.

However, seeing that this has somewhat become a trend amongst tifosi on this forum, and after reflecting on this a little bit, I would personally also like to suggest to be a little bit more specific. The "we" use might be clear for the regular users, but new people may not understand this immediately (especially when not in a specific Ferrari thread) or might get the impression you're a member of the Ferrari design team.

Again, it's not against any rules, but I only wanted to add my own cents to this. We should all think about how our posts come across for everybody, including long time members, short time members and other visitors simply passing by.

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Re: The use of 'we' when talking about an F1 team


For me, the "WE", is understandable and yet I personally do not like it.

There is no "WE". You are, for the most of us, not part of that is not football supporting jingoism is it?

If this was Ferraritechnical or McLarentechnical then using "WE" in the posts would be fine. We are all there for the same thing, all part of the same club.

This, however, is F1tehcnical and should be, used to be, should always strive to be a more refined, highbrain place to be. No childish squabbles about "my" team and whether "WE" beat "YOU"

Correct, respectful, concise and meaningful posts are the reason I joined here a long time ago (in web years!)

SO, please can we have less of the faux association and more of the intelligent and reasoned affiliation?