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Hi guys,

I've put quite a bit of effort recently into technical articles about the cars, and it would of course help to get this known a bit more. Presumably because there has been a lack of new articles around, people are not often checking the homepage, resorting only/mostly to the forum to stay updated.

To help a bit, I'd like to ask that, if you like an article or you think it's worth spreading, share it on reddit or facebook, so that more and more know there is something new to read. Digg actually used to be reasonably well used around here, but that is not practically dead. Reddit on the other hand is popular but does not seem to take off among f1technical visitors.

If you don't know how, under each article there's a "share" button. Click it, pick the site you wish to put it on (facebook, twitter, reddit, ...) and post what you like.

To get us started, I shared this: ... _analysis/