2008 Barcelona Testing - April

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Re: Barcelona testing - April 2008

Post by Conceptual » Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:23 pm

allan wrote:
bhallg2k wrote:Why would Renault run different tires like this?
i think this pic was probably taken right after a pit stop practice, where the mechanics used just random tyres.. notice there is a wheel in the lower left corner of the pic.
There are 3 wet tyres, and 1 dry. I think it was a practice stop or something similar, because it is just that 1 tyre that was changed.


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Re: Barcelona testing - April 2008

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slimjim8201 wrote:
modbaraban wrote:Perhaps Lewis is testing various steering wheel knob layouts :lol:


Not just slicks and Monza-spec wings. It's the last year's nose too.
Rear wing seem a bit high to anyone else?
Its just the 2006/7 Monza wing.