How to revert a car's ground clearance back to original

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How to revert a car's ground clearance back to original


So I live in Brazil, and from what I have seen, most, if not all cars are raised in ride height before being sold here, to adapt for our velvet smooth roads, which as you may understand, ruins looks and handling (unless you like the off-road look).

So I'd like to know, if someone here can help, what changes manufacturers make to the suspension to get this result in terms of springs and dampers, for lenght, stiffness and travel range, if there are further changes made beyond that, and what could be done to bring the car back to the state it was designed in. Would I have to import springs and dampers from a 1st world country, or are there simpler changes that can be done? Notice that I'm trying to improve looks, handling and safety and am willing to give up a bit of comfort and practicality if necessary. Also that I may not ever do this, but would like to get a better understanding of how manufacturers safely raise the vehicle's height.

Thank you very much!