Toyota 1GZ-FE

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Toyota 1GZ-FE


Picked up a really nice FJ Cruiser with a blown engine, and came across this engine when looking for a replacement.

Any info on this would be appreciated, and since it looks much like a siamese 1jz, are there any interchangable parts? Like Cams/headgaskets/etc.


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Re: Toyota 1GZ-FE


Congrats on even getting that engine, v12's are nice, toyota v12's are extremely nice.
I do no know about the compatibility to 1J engine, but a quick search took me to good old faithful wiki

The 1GZ-FE is a 5.0 L (4996 cc) V12 48-valve DOHC engine with variable valve timing (VVT-i). Bore is 81 mm and stroke is 80.8 mm, with a compression ratio of 10.5:1. Official output as per Japanese Manufacturers' Agreement is 206 kW (276 hp) at 5200 rpm although true power output is estimated to be around 230 kW (310 hp)[citation needed]. Peak torque of 481 N⋅m (355 lbf⋅ft) is at 4000 rpm with over 400 N⋅m (300 lbf⋅ft) available from as little as 1200 rpm. The fuel injection system is controlled by two ECUs, one for each bank of cylinders. The engine is capable of running on just 6 cylinders should a malfunction occur.[1]

In 2010 the standard engine was revised in order to meet tough fuel economy and emissions standards, reducing power slightly and peak torque to 460 N⋅m (340 lbf⋅ft).

Does it look like the V12 will fit your FJ?
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