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Re: [ 2020 ] AMG Mercedes F1 Team - Mercedes


littlebigcat wrote:
Thu Dec 10, 2020 9:01 am
I really hope its a digitally produced vinyl wrap like for Hockenheim last year, rather than painted on graphics. Otherwise those poor guys in the paint shop having to weed a thousand names with an average of 12 characters, that would be at least 12000 tiny pieces of vinyl to pick out from the masks before they can be put on bodywork and painted.
Digitally produced vinyl wraps make it to easy for those poor chaps. Otherwise designing a vehicle wrap is unlike any other type of graphic design project. You have to have an intimate understanding of the wrap production and installation process in order to successfully design wraps. You need to be able to think about how the wrap will install on the vehicle, where the natural seams will be, where the optimal places are to put text, what areas text shouldn’t be placed, how much contrast is needed for the text to be visible, etc.