Voting doesn't work on mobile

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Re: Voting doesn't work on mobile


RZS10 wrote:
Thu Mar 12, 2020 2:13 am
Maybe voting not working is for the better sometimes, so many downvotes have been quite childish lately or are being used when people run out of arguments - i bet a large number of them even go against the rules on voting

From the FAQ:
What should be rated?
[...]rate down posts that are abusive to others, and nothing but ranting or are simply factually incorrect.

I mean, look at this:

He later posted a source for that claim, so it wasn't "factually incorrect"

"rubbish" ... ah yea ... good reasoning.

"we'll see" ... that should be a reply

The "no jokes allowed" rating i got for half jokingly suggesting an age restriction for F1 attendance was imho questionable as well, ironically a general practitioner in Germany suggested to continue hosting football matches with exactly that, an age restriction.

I bet if you'd check who's negatively rating whom you'd see a pattern where it's people who had an argument of some kind on this site resulting in votes which are symptoms of mad online™
I agreed, however, that's different issue.That's about moral, integrity, maturity...
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Re: Voting doesn't work on mobile


Voting works on chrome on mobile, it's just that the 'hack' makes you take a breath and reevaluate before you commit.