2021 AMG Mercedes F1 Team

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Re: 2021 AMG Mercedes F1 Team


AeroDynamic wrote:
Fri Jan 14, 2022 5:44 pm
Thanks for the share, that was a good read.

I don’t know why Valtteri struggled so much on Sunday, but to put in perspective his one lap performance, he created an equal if not bigger gap to Massa in qualifying pace as -as team mates in the same equipment - as Fernando Alonso could when teammates with Massa, So his qualifying pace is genuinely strong.

I still think one of the reasons Hamilton wasn’t too far ahead of Valterri on Saturday or behind on sporadic occasions, was because he could afford to sacrifice set up geared towards one lap pace, more than Valterri could? It would make sense to me.

There’s a calibre of drivers, who, on their best days, can beat The top level drivers, but the top level drivers, on their best days, not only beat everyone, but do sensational drives.
The opposite, Hamilton sacrifices qually pace for race pace/tire saving, even to the point where tire warm up caught him out several times at Monaco and Singapore type races and severely compromised his qually position. But Hamilton could do that because he clearly had better qually pace over Bottas(himself a great qualifier) for most races.