Did they provide relevant content? => Up-vote them!

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Did they provide relevant content? => Up-vote them!


Too many time I see posts with great content and there is no up-vote.

What's wrong with you people?!

For me, without bias I up-vote posts that provide relevant and logical content. I do this because the poster took the time and effort to provide the information, whether images, articles, or their own content, to bring to us.

There are times where the content provided is not relevant, misleading, or it serves to back up an incorrect assumption even in the face of credible information provided by other posters, and so, I do not up-vote in those cases. However, I will still up-vote even if I do not agree with the poster but he/she is making an reasonable stab at finding the answer because 50% of the time, all of the time we don't know the answer.

What I am saying here is that we need to bring back the focus on technical content! And we must up-vote posters on this basis! This is what the site is about!

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Re: Did they provide relevant content? => Up-vote them!


Thanks PZ, a good reminder about what should be the fundamentals of the forum.
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