F1 Aerodynamics - Design Challenge

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F1 Aerodynamics - Design Challenge


Hi everyone,

we've created an aerodynamics design challenge where anyone can provide suggestions on how we could improve a modern F1 car:

We've provided the following:
- Simulation results of the car at 2 different resolutions.
Anyone can view the results online, download the reports or even do their own post-processing on the data.
- Virtual goals: we'd like the car to go faster, both on the straights and in the corners.
- 3D files: in both blender and STL format, so people can provide not only sketches of their ideas, but also modify the 3D model directly.

So we're basically inviting anyone who loves F1 aerodynamics to come up with cool solutions and drop them on our Reddit channel:

We'll then gather the feedback and turn it into an improved car and re-run the simulations to see if we improved the car.

no, the car does not comply with the official rules and regulations and we also don't expect proposals to do so. It would take us too far, and would restrict the audience to the select group of people knowing all the rules (or willing to go through them). Still, we hope that we can get a lot of people enthusiastic about F1 aerodynamics and provide the community with insights and learnings!